The CRELIVER Foot Circulation Plus EMS & TENS Foot Nerve Muscle Massager, by Creliver, is a comprehensive solution designed to improve circulation and alleviate body pains. This FDA-cleared, FSA and HSA-eligible device is a sophisticated blend of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technologies. This review thoroughly evaluates its performance, usability and overall value in managing foot-related discomfort and neuropathy.

Creliver Foot Circulation Plus Ems & Tens Foot Nerve Muscle Massager Review

1. Overview of CRELIVER Foot Circulation Plus

What is the CRELIVER Massager?

The CRELIVER Massager is an electric foot stimulator aimed at improving circulation and relieving pain. Moreover, it’s particularly beneficial for the elderly and those experiencing severe foot and leg pain (making it an essential tool for foot health and comfort).

Key Features

  1. FDA-Cleared and Safe: Meets high medical standards for safety and efficacy.
  2. EMS + TENS + EPT Technologies: Incorporates Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Electronic Pulse Therapy.
  3. 25 Modes and 99 Intensity Levels: Offers a wide range of settings for personalized treatment.
  4. 8 TENS Pads: Adaptable for full-body treatment, extending its usability beyond foot therapy.
  5. Thermal Effect & Physiotherapy: Enhances blood circulation and promotes cell metabolism.

2. Functionality and Features

Advanced EMS & TENS Technologies

The device uses EMS for foot stimulation and TENS for body stimulation (providing comprehensive pain relief and muscle activation).

Versatile Treatment Options

With 25 stimulation modes and 99 intensity levels, users can customize their therapy experience to suit their specific needs.

Full-Body Treatment Capability

In addition to foot treatment, the included 8 TENS pads allow for therapy on various body parts, such as ankles, calves, knees and back.

3. Pros and Cons of CRELIVER Foot Circulation Plus


  • Multifaceted Pain Relief: Offers diverse modes for different pain types and areas.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly with a remote control and large display.
  • Comprehensive Therapy Options: EMS, TENS and EPT provide a holistic approach.
  • Adjustable Settings: Tailor intensity and mode to personal preference.
  • Full-Body Treatment: Versatile application with additional TENS pads.


  • Device Restrictions: Not suitable for individuals with specific medical conditions like DVT or pacemakers.
  • Initial Complexity: May require some time to familiarize with various settings.
  • Size and Portability: The device’s size may limit its portability for some users.

4. User Experience and Effectiveness

Comfort and Practicality

The CRELIVER Massager offers a comfortable, therapeutic experience and its remote control enhances convenience during use.

Application and Results

Effective in relieving neuropathy symptoms, improving circulation and reducing pain, this device is particularly beneficial for the elderly and those with chronic foot issues.



To conclude, the CRELIVER Foot Circulation Plus EMS & TENS Foot Nerve Muscle Massager is an innovative and effective tool for those seeking relief from foot and leg pain, as well as overall body discomfort. In fact, its combination of EMS, TENS and EPT technologies, along with its wide range of settings, make it a versatile and powerful device. While there are some limitations regarding its suitability for certain individuals and the initial learning curve, its benefits in providing comprehensive pain relief and circulation improvement make it a valuable investment for enhancing personal health and wellbeing!