In the quest for pain relief and relaxation, the Phixnozar EMS Foot Massager Mat presents itself as a versatile solution. Designed for both foot and full-body massage, this product aims to improve circulation, alleviate pain and promote muscle relaxation. This in-depth review evaluates its features, benefits and potential limitations.

Phixnozar Ems Foot Massager Mat Review

1. Unpacking the Phixnozar EMS Foot Massager Mat

The Phixnozar EMS Foot Massager Mat employs Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology (offering targeted relief for neuropathy and general muscle tension). Moreover, it includes a foot pad and eight body gel pads (providing a comprehensive massage experience).

2. Key Features and Specifications

  1. Modes: 8 massage modes (Knead, Massage, Acupoint, Cupping, Activate, Shape, Pressure, Scraping).
  2. Control: Wireless remote control with an LCD display.
  3. Materials: Waterproof PU leather surface, rubber bottom.
  4. Functionality: Foot and body massage with reusable gel pads.
  5. Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.4 x 8 inches; weight 10.58 ounces.
  6. Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery (included).
  7. Manufacturer: Phixnozar.

3. How It Works

Versatile Massage Modes

The mat offers eight different modes, each designed to cater to various relaxation and therapeutic needs. Moreover, users can start at a low intensity and gradually increase to find the most comfortable setting.

Foot and Body Massage

The primary foot pad is complemented by eight gel pads that can be attached to different body parts (allowing for simultaneous foot and body massage).


  1. Full-Body Relief: Targets not just feet but also calves, shoulders, back, waist and arms.
  2. Customizable Settings: Wide range of modes and intensities for personalized massage experiences.
  3. Convenient and Easy to Use: Wireless control and clear LCD display enhance user convenience.
  4. Quality Materials: Durable and slip-resistant construction for lasting use.

4. Pros and Cons


  • Offers a comprehensive massage experience for both feet and body.
  • Easy to control with a wireless remote and clear LCD display.
  • Versatile with eight different massage modes for various needs.
  • Portable and suitable for use at home, office or during travel.


  • Gel pads may require replacement after 20 uses, leading to additional costs.
  • May not be as effective for severe medical conditions without professional consultation.
  • Limited to a maximum of 2 cycles per day, which may not suffice for some users.

5. Safety and Usage

  1. Always begin with lower intensity settings and increase gradually.
  2. Not recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions (e.g., pacemakers, DVT) without doctor consultation.
  3. Ensure the device is used on a stable surface to prevent slipping.


To conclude, the Phixnozar EMS Foot Massager Mat is an innovative and versatile solution for those seeking relief from foot discomfort, muscle tension and neuropathy-related issues. In fact, its range of massage modes and the addition of body gel pads make it a comprehensive tool for relaxation and pain relief. While it has limitations, such as the need for gel pad replacement and a daily usage cap, its benefits in terms of convenience, versatility and overall relaxation are significant. For those in need of a non-invasive, easy-to-use solution for daily muscle relaxation, the Phixnozar EMS Foot Massager Mat is worth considering!