TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, EMS Massager Machine for Shoulder

In today’s fast-paced world, finding effective solutions for muscle pain and discomfort is crucial. That’s why I’m excited to introduce the TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, a cutting-edge EMS massager machine designed to provide relief from various types of pain, including shoulder, neck, sciatica, and back pain. With its electronic pulse massage therapy, this device aims to revolutionize the way we manage and alleviate muscle-related ailments. Join me as I delve into its specifications, features, pros, cons, and overall summary to help you make an informed decision.


  • TENS EMS massager electronic device
  • 16 reusable electrode replacement pads in Small, Medium, and Large sizes
  • 2 dual plug snap cables
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 pad holders
  • Instruction manual
  • Premium travel carry case
  • 2 independent channels
  • 24 modes
  • 20 intensity levels
  • Time control feature
  • Supports the use of 4 electrode pads simultaneously
  • Internal 180 mAh rechargeable battery


This muscle stimulator offers a range of features that cater to various muscle-related issues. With its multiple functions, it can effectively target back pain and stimulate muscles for relief. It is versatile and can be used on several trouble areas, such as the neck, abs, shoulder, knee, arms, legs, butt, sciatica, and pelvic zone. Whether you’re suffering from soreness, stiffness, or spasms, this device aims to provide an effective solution.

One notable feature is its ability to provide sciatica pain relief in the comfort of your own home. This compact and portable device is easy to use and offers functions specifically designed to reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by conditions like arthritis or sports injuries. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine.

Additionally, the TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator functions as an EMS muscle stimulator, offering two independent channels with 24 modes, 20 intensity levels, and time control. This allows for customized relaxation and pain management. Moreover, the device supports the use of four electrode pads simultaneously, maximizing its effectiveness for muscle recovery and back pain relief.


  1. The TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator provides a comprehensive kit, offering all the necessary accessories for immediate use.
  2. With its versatile functionality, it can target multiple trouble areas, including the back, neck, shoulders, and sciatic nerve.
  3. The device is compact and portable, making it convenient to use at home or while on the go.
  4. Its extensive range of modes, intensity levels, and time control ensures personalized and effective muscle stimulation.
  5. The rechargeable battery offers long-lasting usage, providing up to a month of daily use with just a single 2-hour charge.


  1. While the device includes electrode replacement pads, additional pads may need to be purchased separately over time.
  2. Some users may require assistance or guidance to fully understand and utilize all the available modes and features.


Overall, the TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator proves to be a promising solution for individuals seeking relief from muscle pain and discomfort. With its all-in-one kit, versatile functionality, and user-friendly design, it offers convenience and effectiveness in managing various muscle-related issues. While additional electrode pads may be required in the long run, the device’s rechargeable battery and extensive range of modes ensure a cost-effective and tailored experience. With the TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator, you can take control of your muscle health and experience the benefits of electronic pulse massage therapy in the comfort of your own home.


  • Versatile pain relief with 24 massage modes. 90% 90%
  • Rechargeable design for convenience. 95% 95%
  • Includes 10 high-quality electrode pads 80% 80%
  • User-friendly interface. 85% 85%

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